Data Maintenance and Processing

The ELF data maintenance and processing specification describes the data maintenance and production workflow that will be applied on the national reference datasets of the NMCAs in order to insure a better data interoperability and harmonization at cross-border level when providing data on the ELF platform.

Indeed, the reference datasets of NMCAs need a number of supporting processes in order to work properly in an interoperable manner at cross-border level. The ELF Data Specifications are accompanied by  data maintenance and processing specifications which define the processes between the actors in order to achieve the data interoperability and harmonisation required at cross-border and pan-European level. The concepts of these interoperability processes encompass:

•     data transformation ( coordinate/model)

•     data aggregation and edge-matching ( cross-border consistency)

•     data quality evaluation and conformance testing

•     quality management (utilizing accreditation)

•     data generalization

•     maintenance of Unique identifiers and lifecycle information enabling incremental  updates

•     visualisation


The framework document D2.3 provides an overview of the several parts that from the ELF Data Maintenance and Processing specification.

The development of the ELF Geo-Tools aims at supporting the interoperability processes.



Responsible party: 

IGN-B (NMCA Belgium)

The Competitiveness & Innovation framework Programme (CIP) Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) Open Data and open access to scientific information (Project reference 325140)

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