Beyond the ELF Project – what’s next?

The European Location Framework (ELF) Project ended on 31 October 2016.
It brought together 40 partners in a collaborative consortium that included national mapping, cadastre and land registry authorities, software developers, application providers, research organisations, universities, EuroGeographics and the OGC. They are committed to continue to provide the ELF Platform for a further two years.
The Project has developed the standards, specifications, tools, showcase application  and technical infrastructure to deliver pan-European geospatial content. As a practical example of INSPIRE implementation, it has supported the delivery of national web feature services and provided valuable feedback on the data specifications as they are implemented in different countries. This work is now helping others to meet INSPIRE legislation.
The ELF Project therefore provides a solid foundation on which to build future European Location Services. It now moves into a two-year transition to an operational service, during which ownership will transfer to EuroGeographics and its members, the European National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities.
Its vision is that European Location Services will:
·      Provide the single access point for international users of harmonised, pan-European, authoritative geospatial information and services; and
·      Enable national mapping, cadastral and land registry authorities to be recognised in our international effort to contribute to the wider public good.
For more information on future European Location Services, visit the EuroGeographics website.

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