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Job offer for Technical Product Development manager at EuroGeographics
Fri 17 July 2015

EuroGeographics is looking for a skilled, motivated and experienced person with a good understanding of marketing and product development for the role of Technical Product...Read full article

News Release: EULF Transportation pilot is first to test European Location Framework delivery platform
Wed 01 July 2015

Seamless, cross-border geospatial information delivered via the European Location Framework is helping to speed up the exchange of safety-related road data.


The European Union...Read full article

Seamless cross-border data for safety-related road information
Wed 10 June 2015

Seamless, cross-border geospatial information supplied by the European Location Framework (ELF) Project is helping to speed up the exchange of safety-related road data as part of the ...Read full article

Be inspired by the ELF Project this May
Mon 18 May 2015

Members of the ELF Project Consortium are participating in this year's INSPIRE Conference and Geospatial World Forum being held in Lisbon, Portugal from 25 to 29 May. They will be presenting on...Read full article

From INSPIRE to the European Location Framework
Tue 14 April 2015

More than 100 delegates attended a recent workshop in Ukraine to discuss the European Location Framework and Spatial Data Infrastructures.
The two-day event - EuroGeographics: From...Read full article


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