ELF International Boundaries

ELF aims at providing the specification of the data maintenance and processing. One part of this process is the edge matching of topographic reference data at cross-border areas. In order to achieve this, a dataset of agreed international boundaries is necessary. This specification describes the ELF International Boundaries (ELF IB). The concept of ELF IB describes: 

  • International boundaries
  • Connecting features: locations on the boundaries where edge matched geographic entities from neighbouring countries connect
  • Linkage with the national edge matched geographic entities 

The ELF IB data model itself is scale independent. The implementation of this concept has to be carried out for all level of detail described in the ELF DoW: master level (LoD 0, LoD 1 and LoD 2), regional level and global level. For each level of detail, ELF WP3 will set up web services. ELF WP4 will establish an edge matching service based on the ELF IB concept.



Responsible party: 

BKG (NMCA Germany)

The Competitiveness & Innovation framework Programme (CIP) Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) Open Data and open access to scientific information (Project reference 325140)

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