Related Projects


During the lifetime of the ELF Project it has collaborated with other relevant projects, especially those with a strong European Commission involvement.  One example running until the end of 2015, being the European Union Location Framework (EULF) which support a number of other European Commission projects.


The team is assisting those testing the concept of a European Union Location Framework (EULF) by providing practical support for the transportation pilot. We are also collaborating on the Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform (ARE3NA) by contributing to the geo-tools to help reuse the technical components. We hold regular meetings with these projects to discuss synergies and areas for cooperation.


We also collaborate with Copernicus and FP7 Projects where ELF may serve as a mapping interface while, globally, ELF is considered to be Europe’s contribution to the United Nations Global Map for Sustainable Development (UNGM4SD).


The work of the ELF Project is also seen to set a relevant example for the global work of UN-GGIM.  



The Competitiveness & Innovation framework Programme (CIP) Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) Open Data and open access to scientific information (Project reference 325140)

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